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For more information/ bookings contact André Oelofse:

Body Technology Studio

14 Brownlow Road

Tamboerskloof 8001

Cape Town


Mobile: +27 (0)83 527-5305

Telefax: +27 (0)21 424-0286


André Oelofse Integrated Movement

André Oelofse played a key role in pioneering Pilates in South Africa 15 years ago. He trained in the Pilates method with Body arts and Science and then went on to specialise in rehabilitation of injuries with Polestar both based in the United States. He accumulated extensive knowledge and understanding of human physiology and anatomy by working closely with respected physiotherapists and chiropractors and has taught many students interested in learning the Pilates method.

Before becoming involved in Pilates he owned a personal training business in California, USA. Upon returning to South Africa in 1992 he opened a small personal training studio in Cape Town, which evolved into Body Technology, a studio specialising in movement ,analysis and rehabilitation and offered the unique `Boxerworkout`. Andrés clients range from people with chronic pain or dysfunction to elite athletes. He sets a very high standard in the industry and is often invited to present workshops in Geneva, Switzerland. His studio Body Technology has appeared in various magazines (i.e. Mens Health, Fairlady, Odyssey) and has also received television coverage on SABC magazine program - Top Billing.

André has created a unique approach which he refers to as the "spiral" which optimizes the Pilates method.

The movement Andre teaches does not develop bulging muscles, but flexible ones. True flexibility can be achieved only when all muscles are uniformly developed. "As body awareness and co-ordination develops,one will be able to control every aspect of the body`says André.

Vitality itself is dependent on the absolute coordination of the mind,body and spirit-perfect balance!

André prefers to call himself a "natural movement therapist". The core of his coaching is done through Pilates, Boxing and Tai Chi Chuan. André also introduces other modalities - he uses a unique technique to mobilize one's spine, pelvis and ribcage to allow for a more free breathe and to allow the chi (life force) to flow more freely (very beneficial for golfers). André comes from a strong martial arts background with emphasis on Boxing and Tai Chi Chuan (Wu style) - "I don’t teach people to become fighters but to find there own unique rhythm honouring the flow of energetic impulses which is a path to self cultivation."

André has a great passion for his work. His purpose is to guide people in getting closer to their true natural beingness. His work includes showing "the way" to children, the elderly, sportsmen and women and rehabilitating injuries and anyone who wants to discover their true potential.