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André Oelofse Integrated Movement

André has studied and practiced Pilate's, Tai Chi Chuan and Boxing for most of his life. Through his understanding of the individual advantages of these disciplines, he has developed Body Technology exercise program, which fuses all 3 disciplines.


André Oelofse Integrated Movement

is an unique exercise approach teaching you to move consciously which enables you to find your natural grace, flexibility and balance to facilitate the alertness that creates the perfect harmony between mind, body and spirit. We need to relearn and understand our innate "naturalness", so that the body can function optimally in daily life routines and we are empowered to enjoy any activity we choose. There is focus on individual sports conditioning and correct posture taught for walking and running.

Classes Offered.

Body Technology offers a variety of classes to suite all needs.


Body Technology organises retreats, click on the arrow below to finf out more.